Slavistiek in de Lage Landen - agenda


March 8, 2024
5-6.30 pm


Eastsplainers #10: Academia

Eastsplainers #10, Acadmia op 8 maart 2024, van 17.00 tot 18.30 in VOXPOP Amsterdam

Public programme series by the Department of Slavic Languages and Cultures (University of Amsterdam), in cooperation with the University of New Europe, with artists and intellectuals who recently migrated or fled from Central & Eastern Europe to the Netherlands.

As the Russian war in Ukraine and imperialist Kremlin rhetoric continue to disturb world media, Eastsplainers offers a counterweight to westsplaining – the habit of looking at developments in Central & Eastern Europe through Western lenses. In this public programme series, we listen to scholars, journalists, artists, musicians, and other cultural and academic professionals who migrated or fled from Kyiv, Łódź, Minsk, and Moscow, among other places, to the Netherlands. Rather than amplifying views on various Central & Eastern European locations as a monolithic European ‘East,’ our programmes show that these locations merit independent study and careful attention to local dynamics.

For this session, we welcome Olga Burlyuk and Oleksandra Ivashenko.

Oleksandra Ivashenko, a senior medical physicist, is a board member of Science for Ukraine, a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian academic community amidst Russia’s ongoing war. The NGO is run by volunteer researchers and students from academic institutions all around the world.

Olga Burlyuk, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, focuses on civil society in Ukraine and politics of knowledge production about the country in the context of the military conflict. Together, the two speakers will discuss the challenges that the (Ukrainian) academic community faces in maintaining internal connections, securing research possibilities and access to the field, while having to deal with the heavy toll of the war. The session will be moderated by Erica van der Sijpt, a medical anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam.

For our tenth edition of the Eastsplainers public programme series, we invite everyone to join us for a drink after the Q&A in VOX-POP. To register for this session, scheduled on March 8, 5-6:30 p.m., at VOX-POP Amsterdam, please visit this registration page. For information about the other sessions, please visit the Eastsplainers webpage. The series is set up with support from the University of New Europe, Middle- and Eastern-European studies publisher Pegasus, the Amsterdam school for Cultural Analysis and the diversity & inclusion team of the UvA's Faculty of Humanities.

Online cursus


start 7/3/24

Online beginnerscursus Oekraïens

In maart biedt het Talencentrum Rijksuniversiteit Groningen voor het eerst een beginnerscursus Oekraïens aan. De cursus is volledig online en laat je kennismaken met de Oekraïense taal en cultuur. De enthousiaste en ervaren docent Yuliya Kazanova, is moedertaalspreker Oekraïens en kenner van hedendaagse Oekraïense literatuur.

In deze beginnerscursus Oekraïens maak je kennis met het cyrillische schrift, het alfabetische systeem waarmee de Oekraïense taal wordt geschreven, en leer je hoe je het correct uitspreekt. Je leert alledaagse woordenschat voor eenvoudige gesprekken en de beginselen van de Oekraïense grammatica. Ook leer je over de hedendaagse Oekraïense cultuur. Zet nu jouw eerste stap om Oekraïens te leren en schrijf je in:

Start: 7 maart 2024
Eind: 20 juni 2024
Dagen en tijden: donderdag, 18.30-20.00
Locatie: online